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DEATH # DISCO Compilation Vol. III

6.99 / On Sale

CD - 2013
Limited, hand numbered edition: 777 copies
95% previously unreleased/first time on CD


01. Eleven Pond: Sex Robot
02. Velvet Condom: Kalter Lippenstift (In Death It Ends Remix)
03. Unhappybirthday: Kraken
04. Ulterior: Miss America
05. The Present Moment: Even In Danger
06. Mushy: Let Me Go (DJ Edit)
07. Xiu: Moonlight
08. //Zoo: Softcore
09. Y: Viento Gris
10. Frank Alpine: No Exit
11. Cult Of Youth: Sidestreets
12. Frank (Just Frank): Démarche
13. Ill Winds: Knut
14. Lebanon Hanover: Gallowdance
15. Mueran Humanos: Festival De Las Luces (7" Remix)
16. An:Idea: I Can Only Tell You Something From The End
17. Tobias Bernstrup: Surround (Martial Canterel Remix)
18. The Lost Rivers: Fall (Teenage Sin Taste Remix)
19. Led Er Est: A Darkness In My Soul
20. Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat: Heartland
21. King Dude: Witch's Hammer (Holy Trinity Version)

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